Millhills Lodge was purposefully designed by its owners for both accommodation and private functions. The main building was designed with a view to incorporate as many recycled and sustainable materials as possible. For example

  • Exterior decking. All the decking used in the inner courtyard and north facing decks is made from recycled milk bottles and wood pulp
  • Colour panel cladding: The black “colour panels” on the exterior of the building are made from recycled tyres and wood pulp
  • Exterior wood cladding. The predominant exterior cladding is constructed from sustainable forest materials affixed with sustainably grown pine battens
  • Under floor pods. To keep the lodge warm in winter and cool in summer a recycled plastic “pod” system was used and an integral element of the polished concrete floors. Akin to an igloo with four portals, the air is trapped beneath the concrete slab to deliver an economical “temperature control system” throughout the whole building.
  • All windows throughout are double glazed
  • All internal and external walls are fully insulated to reduce power consumption.
  • Water Collection. The Lodge collects all its own rain water for daily usage and is collected from the over-sized roof and eves (about 350 square metres) from a total of 13 downpipes. It is then fed through an elaborate filter system of 5 stages, including infrared, producing 99.99% pure water at the faucet.
  • The lodge has its own waste water treatment system and from this underground unit “grey water” is pumped onto gardens and lawns as part of the overall irrigation system